What do you want to remember? February :: Everyday {Instagram Snaps}

With that being said … here is the month of February on Instagram.

I only shoot with an Itouch and not with an Iphone 3G , IPhone 4 or IPhone 4S. I haven’t got around to getting a cell phone therefore no IPhone.

Happy-Estatic (you get the idea) when I found this template from Persnickety Instagram Prints now I have a great template that I can get printed every month and I can share each month here. Win-Win:)

Take the photographs as they are shot with an Itouch camera and edited on the Ipod.

This is what the 8×8 template looks like and those are a few images from when we ventured to Vancouver at the beginning of the month.

REMEMBER – The best camera is the one that’s with you. ~ Chase Jarvis

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